New Year’s…Ideas

I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions. Vowing to lose ten (or twenty) pounds or go to a boot camp every morning at 5:00am is the kind of Puritan self-punishment that my five years in France beat out of me for good.

However, even I can’t help but reflect on this brand new and shiningly fresh year that extends out in front of me in January. My mind is percolating with ideas of projects I would like to work on in the months to come. In no particular order, here is a sample;

1. Plant roses and lavender in the garden of La Maison des Chaumes;

2. Figure out how to make albums with my digital photos on and do a few;

3. Start writing down the story of how we came to buy and renovate our houses in France (which is full of love, drama, and the occasional swear word) for my girls;

4. Figure out how to make puff pastry;

5. Institute a tradition of taking my girls on a short trip for their 10th B-days with only Franck and myself – first is taking Charlotte to Vancouver to show her where she was born and the bagel place (Solley’s) that I ate from every day while I was pregnant with her;

6. Borrow someone’s video camera and take some videos of Clem who is truly hilarious at the the moment;

7. Have the look and functionality of this blog revamped, and start adding tips for people going to France on sabbatical as well as just on vacation;

8. Enjoy long evenings at on the deck of La Maison des Chaumes with my French friends this summer;

9. Find and / or build a house here in Victoria that would allow me to host all manner of visiting friends and family;

10. Remind myself how lucky I am to be surrounded and loved by so many truly wonderful people.

Et voilà. It’s a beginning…