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I just finished reading and laughing my head off at Lisa’s fabulous blog posts about their epic journey to La Maison des Chaumes. She is not only a great writer, but I was right, her blog IS better than “Survivor” or “The Bachelor”; ripe with bloody noses, scenes of seduction (the SNCF agent), and exotic locales.

Join in the fun by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Read This Blog!

  1. A Novel Woman

    Went to read Lisa's blog and am a) amused and entertained and b) envious.

    Geez, I married a dentist instead of a Buddhist. (smacking forehead)

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for linking the blog, Laura! And, well, for renting your beautiful house to us in the first place!

    As for marrying a Buddhist professor vs dentist — I had to laugh out loud as there were MANY years when John was in grad school when my dad actually said to me "why couldn't you have married a dentist?" Do you think it'd be OK to share your comment with him now?!

    We are having so much fun. I can't believe we are really here and it's even better than we had hoped. Thanks again for everything.

  3. Laura Bradbury

    Dear Lisa & Pam,

    You can just imagine what my parents said when I announced at the tender age of 18 that I was moving in with not a dentist, nor a buddist, but a FRENCHMAN.

    The merde really hit the proverbial fan.

    So glad you are having fun Lisa – don't forget to go to the boulangerie in Comblanchien and buy a "gallette de roi" – traditonal for Epiphany and SO GOOD. I wrote about them last year on my blog.

    Say hi to the buddhist husband and the kids for us!


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