Où Sommes-Nous?

Because we are all feeling a bit down in the dumps (it is almost February, aka “My Nemesis“, after all) let’s take a little trip…to where?

6 thoughts on “Où Sommes-Nous?

  1. Nina Leek

    I believe that you are dreaming of the cafe at the Mosquee Arabe in Paris, and its great mint tea and pastries

  2. Michelle B

    I would say a hotel's cafe in Istanbul, Turkey. Though bakalava (origin is turkish) and tea served in glasses is found in many other countries in that region, the decor has much more a mid-eastern flair to it (esp the frosted etchings on the tea glasses and the facade of the cafe/hotel).

    My second guess would be North Africa, as in Morocco (most likely), Tunisia, and Algeria.

    Actually I think my second guess should be the first, that is, Morocco.

  3. Laura Bradbury

    Very good guesses! I will answer tommorrow (Monday) to leave time for anyone who doesn't get to their computers on the weekends.

    Don't you just want to be sitting there right now?

    Merci for playing!


  4. Laura Bradbury

    Dear All,

    Nina is right – this photo (taken by Andrea Scott, who recently stayed at Joelle's pad in Paris) is taken at Paris' "Grande Mosquee". I'll have to remember to write about when Franck first took me there at the tender age of 18…

    Thanks for playing, and thanks for the amazing photos Andrea!


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