Le Casque

A lot has changed in the skiing world since Franck and I last skied about fifteen years ago. Now that I think about it, a lot has changed in our lives too – least of all the creation of the bevy.

The new shorter, more manageable skis are a huge improvement, same goes for faster lifts and non-fog goggles. But there was one new development that made Franck balk – helmets.

Fifteen years ago there was nary a helmet to be seen on the slopes, but now everybody – and not just les enfants – seem to be wearing them.

Franck found out about this disturbing state of affairs on the second morning of our ski adventure as he was leaving to rent his equipment. He didn’t need to rent a helmet, my brother-in-law said kindly. He could surely borrow one – everyone wore them now.

“Helmet?” Franck snapped to attention. “I’m not wearing a helmet!” And then he muttered something about us Canadians and our overzealous control needs under his breath.

And yet, what was he wearing when he and I headed out to the slopes the next morning?

Un casque, bien sûr.

When I pointed out this fact as we were whisked over the treetops by the fast lift, he didn’t even have the good grace to look sheepish. The French are truly gifted in the audacity department.

“It keeps my head warm,” he said. “Besides, remember how I’ve always said that les casques were an excellent idea?”

One thought on “Le Casque

  1. dragonwithin

    Although cumbersome, I think wearing helmets while skiing is a must. What struck me as funny though, was how your hubby and the other people skiing had looked like aliens stepping out of a foggy all-white alien world! Quite an amusing sight really.

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