Charlotte just came home with a neat homework assignment. The school system here is very committed to exposing children to poetry, art, and culture at a young age, and today Charlotte had to memorize a poem and put it back together in order, which she did perfectly (not boasting at all here or anything…).

I loved the poem, especially as it is gorgeous here right now – around 26-27 degrees Celsius in the afternoons, and it foretells of moments to come this summer.

So, for your daily dose of French culture, here you go;



Prenez un toit de vieilles tuiles
Un peu avant midi.

Placez tout à côté
Un tilleul déjà grand
Remué par le vent,

Mettez audessus d’eux
Un ciel bleu, lavé
Par des nuages blancs.

Laissezles faire.