Film Festival in Beaune "Naked New York"

Last year ushered in the first ever Festival of Police Films (known collectively as les polars in French) in Beaune. This was the brain child of well-known French director Claude Chabrol – he of Madame Bovary and Merci Pour Le Chocolate who is also trying to set up a film school in Beaune.

Last year’s festival honoured the city of Paris, and the 2010 edition, subtitled “Naked New York” is enjoying a chew of the Big Apple

The festival runs from April 8th to April 11th at Beaune’s only movie complex – ‘Cap Cine – and many famous French actors are expected to attend. They always seem to jump at any occasion to come to Beaune (like the annual Hospices Wine Auction) because…come on…where on earth else can you drink wine that good? Also, didn’t someone say something about being naked?