A Lesson in Graciousness

Olympic fever still reigns at our house, and we let the girls stay up last night to watch the ice dancing. We were all thrilled, of course, when the fabulous Canuck couple of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue won Gold.

Even more touching, however, was the graciousness of their incredibly talented American counterparts and friends Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who skated a truly breathtaking program.

They came over to warmly kiss and congratulate Scott and Tessa shortly after the final results came through with warmth and sincerity. Throughout, they were the embodiment of Olympic talent, dignity, and good sportsmanship.

I think I am not the only TV viewer one who is frustrated by the journalistic emphasis on results throughout these Olympics. These are the very same journalists who then have the gall to shove a microphone under the mouth of “losing” athletes and demand “if they were not overcome by the pressure?”. More emphasis, I think, should be put on examples of the Olympic spirit such as that shown by Davis and White, and less on who has won or who has “lost” a medal.

Canada won the gold and that was deserved and wonderful, but equally important to me were the American ice dancers who won my heart along with their silver medal.

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