Availability Update For 2010

Franck and I have been doing some nettoyage de printemps on our reservation calendars for our four rental properties in Burgundy for 2010.

Now they are nice and up-to-date and even smell a bit like freshly baked baguette and sun-baked vineyards…

So here is our remaining availability for 2010, in case you are planning (or dreaming) about a trip to one of the most authentic corners of France…

I’m going to highlight in red the dates that have recently opened up.

La Maison des Deux Clochers (our 2 bedroom village house in MagnylesVillers)

Still available: March 1-24th, April 8-19th, May 9-June 9th (this fabulous period just opened up!), June 29-July 12th, Sept 10-27th (grape harvest anyone?), Oct 11-Nov 12th, then again from Nov 25th to the end of December.

La Maison de la Vieille Vigne (our 1 bedroom winemakers cottage in Villers-la-Faye)

Still available: March 16-April 21st, July 4-29th, Aug 10-Sept 8th, Oct 12-Nov 12th, Nov 25th to end of December.

Le Relais du Vieux Beaune (our gorgeous 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Beaune)

Still available: March 1-17th, April 14-20th, Sept 13-20th, Oct 15-Nov 12th, Nov 25th to end of December.

La Maison des Chaumes (our 3 bedroom village house in Villers-la-Faye, perfect for short stays or sabbaticals)

Still available: May 18-25th, June 6-17th, Sept 11-16th, Oct 7-Nov 2nd, Nov 29th to end of December.


Now you too are completely up-to-date. Don’t forget I am also now a Twit and am posting regular availability, rental, Burgundian and other miscellaneous updates on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Availability Update For 2010

  1. A Novel Woman

    Say one could talk one's husband into a much needed vacation. What would be the BEST time to go, all things considered.

    You may pmail me if you'd prefer to appear neutral in public.(g)

  2. Laura Bradbury

    Dear Pam,

    I am so NOT neutral, but that's okay! There is truly something to be said at every season in Burgundy, but the most popular tends to be April – July and Sept / Oct. Being there for the Grape Harvest in Sept is really, really cool and should be experienced at least once IMHO.

    Speaking of travel, must fly to the passport office to pick up passports. Ugh.

    Bises xo


  3. A Novel Woman

    Ugh indeed. Last time I got stuck there, I started a singalong in the corner. Seriously.

    So grape harvest, eh? When exactly in September? I'm guessing it's dependent on weather in which case, how would one plan such a thing?

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