Favorite Cafe in Beaune Gets a Makeover!

In her ever-fabulous blog which documents their time at La Maison des Chaumes while her husband John is on sabbatical, Lisa K. from Lethbridge just posted a photo (above) of her favorite cafe in Beaune, where her and her husband John have taken to having breakfast (our guests are smart people…).

I’m not sure if Lisa knows this, but the “Brasserie Le Carnot” is also the favorite cafe of Franck and I in Beaune, and in my humble opinion the very best place for people watching.

As you can see it recently underwent a paint job and has now transformed from red to a cool green. They’ve also apprently invested in some cool new chairs.

If you are in Beaune I urge you to stop and enjoy an espresso, a breakfast, a meal or a glass of wine here. You can’t get much more French, or Beaunois, than this.

One thought on “Favorite Cafe in Beaune Gets a Makeover!

  1. Anonymous

    My husband and I are going to be in Beaune this summer so we will definitely check out this cafe. Thanks for the recommendation.

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