As Refreshing as New-Fallen Snow

Can I just say that I have been amazed during the Olympics at how the female athletes are such amazing role models for girls? What a dramatic improvement over the vapid and appearance obsessed females that have invaded our popular media.

Cindy Klassen, the women’s bobsleigh teams, the Canadian women’s hockey team…as I told my girls, these women are an inspiration. They have found a passion and are brave enough to follow it, and they are eminently more concerned with what their bodies can DO than how they look.

And I for one have no problem with the women’s hockey team celebrating with beer and cigars after their gold medal victory. What a perfect example of a media stoked ruckus over nothing. Didn’t everyone (including me) find Jon Montgomery hilarious in his post victory beer marathon up at Whistler, most of which was broadcast dotingly by an approving media?

The women’s hockey team earned the right to celebrate any way they choose. The fact that they did celebrate their victory in a full-blooded way illustrates that they didn’t stop for a moment to think about packaging themselves for public consumption.

Now that’s refreshing.

4 thoughts on “As Refreshing as New-Fallen Snow

  1. kc dyer

    And what about our sweet Clara Hughes? Articulate, beautiful, generous…just an amazing woman. What a role model!


  2. Laura Bradbury

    Dear Karen,

    Can't believe I didn't mention Clara Hughes, and Joannie, and all of the other wonderful female athletes. I am in total Olympic TV deprivation now. Back to the vapid reality TV stars and daytime talk show brawlers. Ugh.

    Clara, we miss you already!

    Bises xo


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