What Will Robert & Mireille Make of Canada?

  They’re on the plane as I type this…probably somewhere over that   troublesome Icelandic volcano that has been causing us so much grief.

Robert – our mystery helper saviour who allowed us to create our wine cellar under the cobblestoned streets of Beaune and his wife Mireille (whom we have never met) are arriving at the Vancouver airport tonight for a three week stay here in the Great White North. 

Except that the cherry blossoms and rhododendrons are all blooming, so there’s nothing much white about it at all.  Robert and Mireille have traveled quite extensively in Europe, but never to North America. 

I am really wondering what they will think of it all…will they mind the dearth of four hour lunch breaks?  Of fabulous cheeses?   How will they cope with everyone blathering in English around them?

And most importantly, will Canada make Robert feel inspired to break out in his now-famous rendition of the “Ban Bourgignon“?

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