Remaining “Grape Rentals” Spring / Summer / Fall 2010 Availability

We’re getting full – ’tis true. 

However, we still do have some prime weeks and days available at our four lovely vacation rentals in the vineyards of Burgundy.

Thanks to the foundering Greek economy, the exchange rate is awesome for us North Americans at t he moment and it’s starting to be seat sale season. 

Besides, aren’t you feeling like you need a little fix of France like yours truly?

If so, here is what we still have open:

La Maison des Deux Clochers (2 bedrooms – 550 Euros a week)

May 31-June 10th, June 28-July 1st, July 6-13th, July 25-29th, October 11-November 12th

La Maison de la Vieille Vigne (1 bedroom – 600 Euros a week)

July 3-11th, August 10-18th, Sept. 5-19th, October 28-November 13th

La Maison des Chaumes (2-3 bedrooms – 700 Euros a week)

Sept 11-15th, October 7th-November 2nd

Le Relais du Vieux Beaune (2 bedrooms in the heart of Beaune – 700 Euros a week)  

August 8-12th, October 25th-November 12th

If you have any questions or would like me to help you plan the perfect Burgundian getaway, just email me at

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