Burgundy, Nous Arrivons!

I just bought our plane tickets to go back to Burgundy for five weeks over June and July. There was no seat sale, so I swear to god I heard my Visa card groan when the transaction went through, but when I look back at photos of last summer I have a strong hunch it will be worth it.

Now the countdown begins…

3 thoughts on “Burgundy, Nous Arrivons!

  1. Lisa K.

    But wait… if you're coming here, that must mean we will have to leave! I *don't* like the sound of that at all (yes, am in total denial about ever leaving France!).

    Congrats! (and I know that groan of five airline tickets. Five is SO much more than two, eh?)


  2. Géraldine

    to Laura and Lisa:
    That's both good news and bad news for us !!!
    We are so happy to see you back : We received the card from Hawai… at least some sun has come to France !!!
    Jeanne is going to give the news to the poney club : you 'll surely be there at time for the anual feast !!!
    and well Lisa…. you absolutely must consider another , much more longer period to stay here … we haven't tasted all the French cheese yet…(and Thoams can make some bread;))… and our yoda speech need some improvement !!!

    see you soon both of you !

  3. alli

    I second Géraldine's comment– both good news and bad news for us!!

    We are not looking forward to saying goodbye to our favorite "Canadian" family. Surely we should say à bientôt instead.

    We are looking forward to our three girls meeting the "bevy" this summer.

    Now we just have to get all the kiddos together in France all at once!

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