Le Cigale et Le Fourmis et Nicolas Sarkozy

As I was getting Charlotte’s “cartable” of books ready to go back to school after the Spring Vacation, I happened to flip through her “cahier” of French exercises.

My attention was caught by a photocopied parable by the renowned Jean de la Fontaine. It was called “Le Cigale et Le Forumis” and was about the cigale (songbird) who sang all summer while the fourmis (ant) sweated and worked hard and hoarded food away. When winter came the songbird asked to share some of the ant’s food, but the ant riposted (this is from memory, so I am going to paraphrase here) “No way cigale! You sang all summer and didn‘ t do any work, so now that it cold and wintertime you can dance to keep yourself warm!”

After the text there were several questions to test the students’ reading comprehension, one of which was “Do you think the ant was right? Do you like her?”

Charlotte wrote; “I like the ant. She was right not to share her food with the cigale. That was normal because the cigale should have worked. I think the ant is a very nice ant.”

So now I’m wondering if, despite Segolene’s astounding (in Charlotte’s opinion) beauty, my daughter isn’t truly a “Sarkoziste” at heart.