Clementine’s Favorite French Words

Clem’s speech has really taken off, and it is the strangest mix of English and French you have ever heard.

Her favorite words in English: “It’s mine!”, “faster”, “my turn”, “so cute”, “big girl”, and “OKAAYYYY!?!?!?!?!” which is tacked onto the end of every sentence, whether the sentence is in English or French.

Her favorite words in French: “Chocolate”, “habilles (clothes)”, “voila!”, and “fromage.”

The sentences come out something like this, “Voila! It’s mine fromage, OKAAAAAYY!?!?!?”

Maybe she has actually created a new language. Clemlish?

One thought on “Clementine’s Favorite French Words

  1. A Novel Woman

    It's Franglais, dahling. We've been speaking that here in Montreal for years, or have you forgotten? (d&r)

    I think I love that kid. And that HAT!

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