Et c’est….

It’s very strange to be living in a country where there is only one time zone. Instead of the staggered results that trickle in hour after hour in the Canadian elections, here the results were known to the entire country at 8:00pm sharp. A fluttering french flag on the french TV was pulled back to reveal the new President or Presidente of France (strangely reminding me of “The Dating Game”).

With the girls in our living room we all counted down to see the flag, at 8:00pm sharp, pulled back to reveal…the candidate who wasn’t wearing a tailored skirt.

C’est ca, the new President of France is Nicolas Sarkozy.

The voters were clear – he won 53% of the votes while Segolene won 47%. Once again, the voter turnout was astoundingly high – around 86% the news programs reported last night. He now has a clear mandate to make the changes that he has proposed, and I for one will watch with avid interest.

Segolene made a brave and combative speech at about 8:02pm, which I told Charlotte and Camille was a true lesson in dignity. Charlotte and Camille were, of course, gutted that Segolene didn’t win, and Charlotte for one couldn’t believe Segolene was actually smiling during her speech. Afterwards, Charlotte said she that was sure that Segolene was almost crying.

Nicolas’ speech was surprisingly humble, and called for French unity and brotherhood rather than polarizing the different classes in this country, as many feared he would. His speech left me feeling hopeful that he might just be able to pull France out of its current social and economic rut. But that, mes amis, is something that only time will tell.

***P.S. I am very happy with my photo choice – France is veering to the droite…get it??? Sometimes I am so clever I can barely stand it***