Avion Do-Do


Clementine’s language is really coming along – in both English and French.  Most of her sentences are a combination of both, i.e. “That is MY pousette!”, “I saute!” and “These chaussures are too grandes.”   

There is one sentence, however, that always comes out in French.  It is what Clementine says when she wants to join in the adult conversation (often) and feels she needs to say something particularly insightful and grown-up.  

In Clem’s mind, the phrase that fits the bill is “avion do-do“. 

This is the phrase I tried to hammer into her brain beofe we left for Hawaii.  I kept asking, (in French), “what do we do on an airplane Clem?”  And then I would answer for her, “do-do!” (sleep!).

Thus the phrase “avion do-do” was born, much to our family’s frequent edification.  

I hope is that she not only likes the sounds of the words themselves, but that she has also absorbed their meaning. 

In a little more than a month’s time we will be embarking with the bevy on the marathon trip from Victoria to Villers-la-Faye, and I want all the do-do‘ing in the avion that I can get from Clementine.