My Fence aka My Pride and Joy

I’m very excited! As much as I may be frustrated with the progress of renos at our house (and no, the planning permission didn’t arrive in today’s mail) things have been moving along very nicely at La Maison des Deux Clochers. We just finished putting up a lovely wooden fence around the garden area so that you can lounge, drink wine, and pick your nose in complete and utter privacy.

Another bonus is that now you can take the garden furniture out of the cellar at the beginning of your stay and just leave it in the garden for the whole time. The door locks with a key and it would take a very motivated thief indeed to haul a plastic garden table over a wooden fence almost 2 metres high! There’s a cost / benefit ratio to consider and I frankly don’t think there’s anybody that motivated in MagnylesVillers.

We’re planning on planting some wildflowers and lavender around the edges, and Franck has replanted some trees on the far side and is reconstructing a little stone wall. I’m very thrilled with it, and I hope our guests will be too. Aren’t our old rose bushes nice?

This is the view from outside. On the ground level it’s looking a little bare right now but that’s where the wildflowers and stuff will go.

Posted by Picasa And then here’s one last picture because I like looking at it and it makes me feel like we are making headway after all. Although I’m sure the Freudian psychoanalyst with the strong German accent would remind me that my new fence is essentially for the enjoyment of “otter” people (i.e. our guests), and ask me what I think that means? Poo on him, I say. We did put up two identical panels at our house too in order to make the front garden more private, so there!