Proof That People Really Were Shorter in 1789

Our recent guest at La Maison des Deux Clochers just sent me this photo of her husband Brian in front of the doorway to the kitchen.

Brian is, granted, very tall but he is far from being the only guest at La Maison des Deux Clochers who experienced a thorough bang on the head as a daily reminder that people really were much shorter in 1789.  This is the year the house was built – around the same time as the Bastille was being stormed and Revolutionary mobs were unleashed in the streets of Paris.    

The door (and the doorjam) are definitely items that date back to 1789 – if guests have a gander at the elaborate and massive hinges you can see how they are definitely not the kind purchased at your local Home Depot (or Bricorama in France).  They were forged and beaten by hand courtesy of the village ironmonger.

But this may be little consolation to Brian who has now moved onto the Rhone Valley to nurse his cranial bruises – hopefully with the help of a little wine.  Nobody said it was easy living inside a history lesson!

3 thoughts on “Proof That People Really Were Shorter in 1789

  1. Deb

    Wow. That is neat. What a contrast. Your friend Brian would be a regular Gulliver did he ever tumble back in time. 🙂

  2. Michael Jarvis

    I brought back some dents in my skull from our one week stay in Magny. Took 3 days before I learned to duck BEFORE exiting the kitchen. Other memories are MUCH better. My bride of 42 years was shorter and missed the collisons.

  3. Mary

    I love that Laura posted this picture I took of my 6’3″ husband on our recent stay in Magny-les-Villers. I’m 5’6″ and could walk through the kitchen door easily, but Brian smacked his head daily. (He really is a LOT smarter than that!) Maybe this is where the phrase “off with his head” originated? 🙂 We had a wonderful stay at La Maison des Deux Clochers and hope to return one day very soon!

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