Chaux painted red

We went off to the Fete de la Musique last night in Chaux. Last year we had a great time at MareylesFussey and the year before that in MagnylesVillers. So Franck and I and the girls went with high hopes.

I bought a pizza from the pizza van on the newly renovated Place in Chaux and we settled down to eat it while catching up with our friend Jean Yves.

The first sign that a fabulous evening was not in store was the fact that nobody could figure out where the band were hiding. They didn’t show up until a few minutes after nine, and when they did we weren’t quite sure whether that was a good thing.

The “band” consisted of a rather depressed looking man playing the accordion and a truly bizarre lead singer. He was dressed in a suit made entirely of gold sequins, had a unnerving orange tint to his skin, and a huge black wig. None of us were quite sure what to expect, however to give him credit I must say he surprised us all. In complete contrast to his flamboyant outfit he had a dour repertoire of communist dirges about leaving the factory at the end of the work day and how the proletariats will one day rise up and overthrow the capitalists.

The fifty or so children assembled, who can usually be trusted to dance with abandon to almost anything, stayed perfectly immobile in their plastic chairs, stunned into silence.

Franck and Jean Yves, as loyal Villerois (what the people of Villers-la-Faye are known as), agreed that the people of Chaux could never be counted on to throw a decent party, and that besides, they were all communists and that it was common knowledge that communists don’t know how to have fun. The idea was floated that perhaps the evening’s musical act had been sourced at the latest annual communist meeting.

In any case, there is hope that next year the party will be in Villers, and as our mayor was in Chaux last night and saw the catastrophe I’m quite sure he won’t be booking the golden sequined communist for entertainment. Besides, in Villers we know how to throw a party.