La Kermesse!

Last weekend we had the girls’ school fair, which is called “La Kermesse” here in France. It includes games such as “Peche a la Ligne” and “Peche aux Canards” (NOT “Peche aux Conards” as one of my children mispronounced it, which roughly and somewhat politely translates as “Fishing for Jerks”), a “spectacle” put on by each and every preschool and primary class, and of course, because this is Beaune we’re talking about, the all important wine stand.

However, as we took many photos at this illustrious event, I will let them tell the story…

Camille (here with her friend Lucy) was a mouse.

Charlotte was a Charlie-Chaplin-esque person. Note the artfully drawn moustache done by her mother.

Camille’s dance involved lots of cheese (this is being France, after all) and a nasty black cat from the Kindergarten class who threw a diva fit before the dance and refused to wear either his tail or ears, so nobody could really figure out what this child dressed in black was doing on the stage amongst the cute little mice.

Charlotte’s dance was very ambitious as the teachers combined the two Grade 1 classes, meaning there were about 50 seven year olds on the stage at one time. The result was a bit of a jumble but there was a lot of tricky and neat hat-passing involved and Charlotte did a great job.

This is Camille and her cousins Lola and Tom who we were looking after for the weekend. They are sick and tired of waiting and once Charlotte is changed are eager to go and try the Peche aux Conards.

Lastly, here is the wine-stand. Basically everyone at the school is connected with the wine industry here in one way or another so all the winemakers, negotiants, courtiers, etc. donate 6 or twelve bottles and they sell them. All the parents abandon their children and run here first thing on arrival and snatch up good, wonderfully priced wine by the box. I’ve never heard the numbers but I think it single-handedly raises a lot of money for the school.

I’ve often wondered if the wine stand isn’t also the reason so many grandparents and distant family members scramble to attend every year! Somehow I don’t think it’s for the Peche aux Conards.