Ma petite terrace en France sustains me!

We have been hit by a tsunami of things to do before we jet off for France on June 19th.

We are currently packing up everything here at our rental as we will be moving out before we leave (the owners of this truly fabulous house, Melanie & Jonathan and their family will be returning home from their year in Costa Rica soon), we are trying to finalize the designs for the house we will be building here in Victoria this Fall, the girls seem to have a track meet, performance, or field trip almost every day of the week and we are also trying to finalize a new rental for when we return from France in late July.


That was the sounds of my head detaching from my body.  

Yet, there are two things that sustain me (besides chocolate).

First, I can’t really call any of these things “problems” in the grand scheme of things. I am damn lucky to be where I am, doing what I am doing, so even if it is crazy that is – ultimately – OK. Secondly, I just close my eyes and dream about enjoying a lovely glass of Claire’s wine on our terrace at La Maison des Chaumes in the warm Burgundian sunshine….ahhhhhh….

See what I mean?  Instant sustenance.