The Terrace Being Put To Good Use

In yesterday’s post I talked about my terrace in France.  Lovely…but that photo I posted, while idyllic to me, did seem weirdly empty. 

You see my dream for La Maison des Chaumes is, and has always been, of a house in France filled with friends, family, laughter, children, good food and good wine.  Spending time by myself on the terrace doesn’t happen very often.  In fact, I think the time I took that particular photo may have been the only time it ever happened.   

Allison May – a friend of Lisa’s (Lisa who just stayed at La Maison des Chaumes for 4+ months with her family) and someone whom I am very much looking forward to meeting in just a few weeks, just posted the photos below on her Facebook page – see below.

Allison’s photos warmed my heart.  

When I explain how we own and manage vacation rentals in France people often ask me how I could stand to have “strangers” live in my house.    I invariably have a hard time answering as really, at a visceral level, I just don’t get their question.    

I would SO MUCH rather have our house being lived in and enjoyed by guests – many of who become friends anyway – than sitting empty and silent.  How could you think otherwise when you look at these photos of Allison’s, Lisa’s, and Geraldine’s families enjoying the terrace, the yard, the long farmhouse table in the living room (perfect for opening Birthday presents in front of an audience), and – be still my beating heart – the little turquoise bench in front of the door where it has become de rigeur to take a few shots of our bevy as we arrive or leave. 

These are the moments that I want my life both here and in France – and my houses – to be overflowing with.   

One thought on “The Terrace Being Put To Good Use

  1. Lisa

    These pictures of Alli`s show the moments that are staying with me now that we`ve left… not the museums or the chateaux (although they were great, too!). But the laughing and joy and friendship and good conversations and tasty meals and savoured wines that were shared in your home… that is what I miss the most. Thank you for making it all possible. It was truly a magical time.

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