Un Petit Voyage Down Memory Lane

 Allison’s photos, particularly the one of the kids on the turquoise bench, inspired me to scroll back through mine.

I just had to post this photo – the last one we took of our bevy in France  just seconds before we leaped in the car and set off on our big move back to Canada.  

That was July 16, 2009 – almost a year ago.   And in about 2 weeks we will be arriving back in front of that turquoise bench again – volcanoes, strikes, and obstreperous two year old permitting.

The gaps in Camille’s mouth have been filled in with new teeth, Charlotte has grown about a foot, and Clementine may actually be capable of sitting still for longer than a millisecond while I take the photo.  

Actually, probably not. 

I guess some things don’t change after all.       

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