Glaces aux Chaumes – a summertime tradition

On Saturday night we had Charlotte and Camille’s friends Eloi and Alix for an overnight and as the sun finally came out (this has been the most rotten June and July so far I have ever seen here – cold, rainy, and completely untypical for Burgundy) we decided to surprise the kids with what has become a summer tradition for us here in Villers-la-Faye – a before bed ice cream eaten on Les Chaumes.

Les Chaumes is the large pasture just above the village, where the villagers used to graze their livestock. It is still owned in common by all of us villagers, and it is lovely and calm and has a fabulous view over the vineyards and out to the blue mountains of the Jura.

The mugwumps, however, were much more taken with the chocolate Cornettos than the view and I very quickly regretted not having remembered to bring napkins / baby wipes / a pressure washer for the kids’ faces.

Except for Camille, bien sur, who prides herself on being a very clean eater.

Eloi is pretending his blade of grass is a sword – he makes up “boy” games whenever he can to counteract the pink and Barbie universe that is our house. The girls, however, continue to pretend they’re princesses (albeit chocolate stained) and drive him around the bend.