Villers-la-Faye in The News

Thanks to Lisa K’s great blog, I found out about the riveting fact that our little village of Villers-la-Faye was recently front and centre in the French news.

Click here to watch the (rather long) segment about how the local school spearheaded a project to replant an old garbage depot in the Hautes-Cotes.  If this doesn’t take you to the right segment (after a small ad) click on the upper left hand corner of the page on “lundi a Villers-la-Faye”.

The local school in Villers-la-Faye really does some neat things with their students; things such as this project and also yearly field trips into the vineyards during wine harvest time, to the wonderful museums in Dijon, to visit local potters and violin makers, etc. etc… 

When guests are contemplating a sabbatical in France with their children, I always strongly suggest that they sign them up for a local school such as the one in Villers-la-Faye.  Besides adding some structure to daily life that is often welcome for both parents and children alike, there is no better way to learn French and become integrated into a French village.    

I love seeing many of our fellow villagers on the news clip – many looking rather star-struck – on Villers-la-Faye’s Place du Village where we will be having the big Bastille Day celebration in about three weeks.   There is also our Maire, Pierre Alexandre, who helped us get permission to put skylights in La Maison de la Vieille Vigne and who is remarkably at ease with all this media and PR stuff.     

I also love the sound of a teenager who roars by on a mobylette at the beginning of the clip.  Along with the leaves that unfurl from the trees the students planted, there is no surer sign of the springtime in Burgundy. 

And – hooray! – in less than two weeks we’ll be there ourselves.  I’m not certain if I’m more grateful for that, or the fact that our bevy aren’t quite old enough yet to go roaring off with one of the village boys on the back of his mobylette.

A toss up.

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  1. A Novel Woman

    I loved that clip and was shocked by my ability to follow so much of conversation. Such beautifully spoken French compared to here where I have to strain to catch most of what is being growled.

    And that mayor? Hubba hubba.(g)

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