Rare Documentation of Mink Capture!!!

Turns out I was wrong about there being no photos in existence of the now legendary mink capture at Shawnigan Lake this summer. As it turns out my sister Suzanne took a few snaps of the three conquering heroes (a.k.a. our three husbands) just after they had bungee cord-ed the living beezejus out of the Tupperware box. Keep in mind when viewing these rare and surely much sought after photos, that when they were being taken that dangerous mink was actually GNAWING his way out of the box with those razor sharp teeth of his.

Yes, it’s true – us Bradbury Lasses have chosen brave men. Note that bucket filled with water they put on top of the Tupperware container. They are pretty clever too.

Here they are; Suzanne’s Greg, who emigrated to Canada from South Africa when he was a boy, my French Franck, and Jayne’s Quebecois Mark. What a handsome and international trio if I do
say so myself.

Mighty proud of selves…

Not to mention ever modest. It wasn’t until the final snap that they brought out the heavy artillery they used for the capture (i.e. the kids plastic shotguns). Our mountain men do Canada proud.