Pre-Travel Woes

I have spent all this week not only in packing / moving hell but also worrying about the trip to France.

I took the bevy to the mall with me over the weekend to buy them each a new book each for the plane.   Clem not only managed to Houdini herself out of her stroller in 30 seconds flat, but then proceeded to sprint away from me so that she could scale the bookcases with impunity.  

The idea of being trapped with her on a 9 and a half hour plane flight is just not very edifying.

The only way I survived the last trans-atlantic marathon a year ago when we moved back to Canada (she was a very obstreperous 18 months then) was by saying to myself “she’s going to be older next time, it will never be this hard again…”.

Now I’m not so sure. The last year hasn’t curtailed her explosive energy. Rather, it has honed it and made her faster, stronger, and more wily.  She is like a very loud  spider monkey.   

Also, my tachycardia incident on Halloween – even though I haven’t experienced it since – does make me wonder, what happens if my heart starts doing that somewhere over the North Pole?

I went to my doctor to see if there were any medications I could take with me, and she said the only one would be the oral form of the gruesome (albeit effective) stuff they gave my via IV in the ER, although it could cause my blood pressure to plummet and for me to feel basically like I was going to die for several hours.  And despite all of that, she wasn’t even sure it would work on the tachycardia.

“I think the main thing is to avoid stress on the trip,” she concluded. 

I laughed…bitterly.  “I’m travelling with Clem. You do remember Clem, don’t you?”

My lovely doctor looked troubled indeed at the memory of Clem’s last few doctor’s visits, where in the few minutes we were left to wait in the examining room Clem ripped off the entire roll of paper stuff they put on the examining table, dumped the toy basket all over the floor and screamed so loudly and violently that the patients in the adjacent rooms (and the waiting room) all needed therapy for post-traumatic stress syndrome.

She scribbled on her prescription pad.  “Here’s a  prescription for Valium.”

6 thoughts on “Pre-Travel Woes

  1. Allison May

    Sounds very similar to our visit to Dr. Hermite this last week. Penelope managed to also remove the paper roll and then locked herself in between the padded privacy door and regular door to his office. Fun! Can’t wait to see what these two littlies get up to when they finally meet.

    Bonne courage for your flight over.


  2. admin Post author

    Dear Allison,

    I think we should brace ourselves. It is a very real possibility that when Clem and Penelope meet the universe might explode from their combined 2-year-old energy.


    A Tres Bientot! Laura

  3. Michele

    After reading your Grape Journal you have my sympathy traveling with “the bevy”. I did Boston to Hawaii once with 18-month old and 3 yr. old boys. Tip from my OB-GYN, Dimetapp – a capful at the gate. Decongested them so there ears didn’t hurt and they dozed off as the engines revved and slept the first couple of hours. Worked good but we put a pool in the yard the next year because I said I wouldn’t get on a plane again with them for 10 years!!!!

  4. Lisa

    Oh Laura, I am sending every ounce of good travel energy your way… and would give anything to see the team of Penelope and Clem take over the world! Thinking of you and sending beaucoup de courage!
    Bises. Lisa

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  6. admin Post author

    Thanks for the advice – I think I may indeed try this…the pool in the backyard and no more plane trips for a while sounds good too! Laura

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