Wine, Wine Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink

As most of you will probably recognize, the title of this blog is a direct rip-off of Samuel Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. You know, “Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to Drink.”

Blatant plagiarism aside, replace “water” with “wine” and it does aptly sum up how I’ve been feeling over the past five months.

Why, you ask?

Have a look at the above photo of a winetasting we organised a few days ago with my parents, my little sister Jayne, and my brand-spanking new Brother-in-Law Mark at one of our all-time favorite Burgundian winemakers (not to mention friends) Domaine Henri-Naudin Ferrand in MagnylesVillers.

I am holding a wine glass but, somewhat atypically for me, it is full. And the only reason I’m holding the glass at all is because Franck (who was taking the photo) had decided that his creative vision is disturbed if anyone in a winetasting photo is holding an empty glass or, worse yet, no glass at all.

That’s right, at this winetasting I hardly drank any wine which under normal circumstances would be a bit of a tragedy as the fabulous 2005’s are all bottled now and ready for tasting. However, circumstances haven’t been normal for a while now, and the reason can be located in the puffiness in my middle area and, no, that isn’t just because I have eaten one too many of Franck’s gougeres.

You guessed it…besides our own house renovations, Charlotte and Camille, and managing the three vacation rentals, Franck and I have had another major project on the boil – Baby #3 who should theoretically be born sometime near the end of January.

And although this means that for me there won’t be a lot of this (barrels of wine) for me in the next few months…

Or many of these pulled out of bottles…

…we are beyond delighted. More on the strangeness and joys of being pregnant in France (plus a few token posts NOT about my pregnancy, but about renos and Burgundy and wine…promise) to come!