Part Of Me Belongs Here

Since our arrival in Burgundy we have been blessed with consistently sultry, gorgeous evenings that seem to go on forever.

We have tried to get up to Les Chaumes as often as we can to enjoy one of our favorite family summer treats – savouring an after-dinner ice cream as we watch the setting sun over the vineyards.

The other night was so beautiful that Charlotte and Camille and I decided to stroll back down the hill to La Maison des Chaumes while Franck and Clem drove down in the car (don’t tell this to the local gendarmes, but an essential part of the thrill of these Chaumes expeditions is that we throw all the kids in the trunk and drive them up there with them rolling around in the back, shrieking with laughter).

Anyway, on our way down we listened to the birds singing and the crickets chirping and Charlotte said, “I can’t explain it, but I feel like part of me belongs here.”

There were moments – many, many of them – during our five years here in France when things were really difficult, and I was barely holding it together.  I asked myself again and again if we were making an epic  mistake in uprooting the girls from their lives in Canada.  But every time I tried to remind myself what a gift  Franck and I both felt it was for the girls to be given the opportunity to appropriate their father’s French language and culture for themselves.    

And now I can say that even though it wasn’t always easy, it was definitely worth it. 

Mission Accompli.

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