About Me

I’m a 37 year old Canadian who met my French husband France in the cafés of Beaune, France at the tender age of 18.  

Many years later we have built up a network of four lovely vacation rentals in the vineyards of Burgundy called “Grape Rentals” as well as a family of three Franco-Canuck daughters, Charlotte, Camille, and Clémentine – collectively known as “The Bevy”.

We try to live as much as we can between France and Victoria, Canada (where I’m from).  I love homemade food, French wine, old friends and black chocolate.  I am a ridiculously slow but stubborn runner and I am also picking away at the story of how my Very French Husband and I came to buy and renovate our first house in Burgundy for the education and edification of the Bevy. 


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